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Uplifting the Plants in your Home with a Modern Stand

Turn up your plant game and boost your lush life. To the foliage and ferns that brighten our spirits and living quarters, it’s time to return the favor and uplift the plant babies of our lives. Don’t tuck or hide away these natural spotlight stealers, simply brighten and amplify any space with a modern plant stand.

As plants are known to freshen up and detox any environment, they thrive when they’re able to soak up the sun for that natural photosynthesis process we learned somewhere along the line in school. Whether you’re a natural green thumb or a brown thumb seeking to turn over a new leaf, the best rule of thumb to keep your defender of air quality elevated to reach its best plant life. 

Although house plants can’t remove the hangover from that stale date you swiped right on last weekend, it can filter out other harmful toxins and help naturally clean the air. These plants are loyal! It’s all the more reason to provide them that extra boost to help them reach more sunlight ultimately allowing them to stay healthier, live longer, look brighter and improve the air quality in your home or work environment.

Top tip: Pair either our bamboo or metal stands with pottery materials of concrete cement, rustic, brass, or white ceramic pots. A pop of a wicker baskets are set to steal the scene. Texture play will add a perfect decorative touch to spruce up those dark corners and create a focal point in any room.

Inspired by the 1950’s, our modern mid-century plant stands are simple in design. The stands complements various textures and pairs best when stark contrasts in elements are at play.